Spring Artwork

Spring has finally come to Wisconsin (probably only on vacation for now). Easter, for those who celebrate it, is on Sunday. I've had thoughts of "all things spring" in my head the past couple months because it means I can go out in my wheelchair on the sidewalks.

My town has a policy where property owners have to clear snow off their own sidewalks. Since we have a lot of elderly people (or folks who don't care), a lot of snow stays on the walkways for the entire season. Curb cuts are even worse. I get stuck just going a few blocks to the library.

So, in honor of a tiny bit more freedom, I'm sharing a couple images!

This is a duckling on a background of grass. I tried to make the baby fuzzy, but I think they're actually gross/slick fresh from the egg. The original version also had the egg with a white shell (like some chicken eggs). Never thought I'd be researching shells at 1:00 in the morning!

I legitimately love this piece. I started with a purple palette for the grass (mimicking the picture above) and decided to be reductionist. The rabbit is a result of erasing the grass around it for the shape and shading it. The face is slightly turned away, so it has no discernible features.

I hope this season is treating everyone well!


  1. These are both so cute! And hooray for more freedom of movement!

    1. I realize I don't share my art on here as much. My Instagram tends to get it all, so I thought I would try something different for once.
      Thank you for reading and looking! I hope spring is treating you well.