Kung Fu Panda Holiday: Giveaway and Review

The Winter Festival approaches and Po must decide if he'll spend the holiday with his father or go to the Winter Feast with all the kung fu masters as is fitting of the Dragon Warrior.

I love this holiday special! The graphics are lively, the comedy hits more often than not, the voice acting is awesome, and the message is a good one. No minute in this (short) special is wasted. 

Though the feast/festival isn't real, it shares similarities to Christmas and an East Asian solstice celebration called the Dongzhi Festival. I really enjoyed this take because you don't usually see winter holidays beyond Christmas represented in television... especially for kids.

The only thing I can caution parents about is a chef named Master Wo Hop. When Po accidentally dismisses him, Wo Hop decides he and Po must fight to the death so his (and his family's/village's) honor can be restored. Po doesn't want to fight and/or kill him, so Wo Hop tries to take his life a few times. It's always presented in a comedic/lighthearted way to the viewer (it's serious to the character), and Master Wo Hop's honor is restored by the end, but some families may not find such a topic suitable.


Giveaway for one DVD copy of Kung Fu Panda Holiday!


1. Only people living in the 48 contiguous United States who are 18 and older may enter. One entry per person.

2. People must comment on this post or at me on Twitter (@jenruthjackson) and say they want to be entered.

3. Giveaway starts when this post goes live. It ends on December 16th at 11:59 CST. 

4. I can't guarantee the DVD will arrive by Christmas or in one piece. I will do my best.

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