Halloween Sans Horror

Everyone starts digging out their horror movies and novels on October 1st. "It's spooky season!" people say. As a fan of all things horror and Halloween, it should be a zombie (no-brainer) for me to get my scare on. But, I refuse to engage in horror on Halloween.

Horror movies and novels come out year-round... even during Christmas week! Though new horror media is more commonly released in October, it isn't like we don't have it any other time. Even scary video games aren't too difficult to find with store updates and digital content. Horror isn't rare.

Halloween, on the other hand, is sacred to me. It's a time of nostalgia and magic most people reserve for winter holidays. I watch shows from when I was a child. I engage in solitary spiritual practices specifically for the holiday.

"Don't you write and post horror poetry around Halloween?" someone asked me once. Yes, I do. A lot of literary magazines request horror work around this time of year, and it makes sense for me to submit to them; I write horror poetry most of the year, though. I also post horror work on social media because, regardless of what I believe, most people like horror this time of year. Just because I don't agree with horror in October for me, doesn't mean it's wrong for others.

Do you like horror for Halloween, or would you rather it be fun and light?

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