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Christmas Cabin

Sammi gets away to the family cabin for Christmas, but Seth also has a claim on the property... they clash. There was plenty of Christmas in this movie with tree decorating, snowshoeing, and cocoa by the fire. The couple was decent together, but I felt they had more spark when they were at odds (those scenes were a bit more fun). It turned out to be a passable watch with meh actors.

Hometown Christmas

Noelle comes back to her hometown after medical school with plans to save the live nativity scene, only to find that her old boyfriend is back in town as well. Though there is one main couple, the film features two other couples in Noelle's family at different stages of their relationships; I thought the side characters' relationships were much better done than the main couple's, but all were serviceable. Noelle and Nick didn't have the normal argument or device that separated them for a bit... a rarity. There is a fair amount of Christmas and heart to this film, it ended up being quite decent. 

Christmas in the City

Wendy, a single mom, goes to work at a department store around the holidays with the hope to raise enough money to save her late father's candy shop, but the department store may have even bigger problems than Wendy does. The villain in this movie was the cliche evil business woman, but she was effective enough. It was pretty Christmassy, and I suppose the romance got the job done. It's not the greatest film, but it turned out okay.

Pink Panther: A Pink Christmas

The Pink Panther is homeless and hungry on Christmas. The story is told with almost no dialogue, but there is a children's choir featured throughout most of it with original songs that were not good or entertaining. The amount of hardship the protagonist goes through to get a meal or a warm place to stay is not funny. The ending promises to be only happy for a little while, so watching everything take place was simply not worth it... skip this.

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