Shatter Me - Free Write

Writing exercise:  Write a poem or flash fiction piece inspired by a song. You can only write during the song. You can't repeat or restart it.

"Shatter Me" by Lindsey Stirling and featuring Lzzy Hale:

Glass slippers on ballerinas. We wait for the leaping,
a startled deer across the stage. Spotlight catches against
the sides, etches the feet on display. The sound, lone applause
or breaking. Did you see the girl on the left wince? Is there
blood soaking the curtain? Will the men lift them up in dueted pairs
or will they dance together, yet alone with waterproof mascara?
If you've seen the video, you'll think this rough piece was inspired by the video as much as the song. Maybe. I just wrote and tried not to overthink.

I did this exercise four times with different songs. I only remember two of them (I didn't jot down the titles). The one free write I did while listening to "Burning House" by Cam was good enough to polish and submit places. One of the other pieces is really strange, so I wish I recalled what prompted it.

Have you ever tried this? How did it turn out?


  1. That's an interesting exercise! I think I'd find it hard to write while listening to music with lyrics though. I'd probably just transcribe lyrics.

    1. You could always try classical/instrumental! If someone is talking, I can't read or write because my brain follows what is said. I don't know why singing doesn't work the same way for me.