Valentine Cards 2020

I don't do it every year, but this year I decided to make a few valentines.  These came into the world with very mixed results.  It's a good thing I bought most of the ones I'm giving away.  
 On this valentine, the hot air balloon was created via stencil.  Even with a stencil, I managed to mess it up.  The hearts and text are red ink that got all over.  I consider this card the worst failure of the season.  The bottom edge is supposed to be a nice pattern made by a decorative scissors, but it looks like a puppy chewed it.
 I realize blue isn't a traditional valentine color, but I thought I'd try something a bit different.  The hearts are glittery, 3D stickers made from chipboard.  I cut one of the sides so the card was narrow like the hearts.  Unfortunately, I didn't cut the edge straight.  If you look at the card, you also see hints of that damn red ink.
 The heart and word on this card are more 3D chipboard stickers.  I added a few self-adhesive gems to break up the monotony.
 The heart on this one is heavy-duty glitter cardstock.  The words are more of the chipboard stickers.  The background is just decorative paper I took a regular scissors to.
I decided I wanted to move away a bit from a heart motif, so I went with flowers.  The rows of gems are the adhesive floral wrap from The Dollar Tree like I used on my Christmas cards last year.  The flowers in the middle are a textured sticker with glitter.  Not every valentine needs words.

Which is your favorite?  Do you make your own valentines?

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