"Absentee Father" in Antinarrative Journal

Last year, antinarrative journal published "Absentee Father".  The publication went under soon after, and I never had a chance to share the link.  While searching through my in-box yesterday, I found the email containing the piece.  
I love online literary magazines because of their accessibility but, when they become defunct, it's a lot harder to find proof of publication.  When you have a print magazine, contributors often receive copies they can scan (or take photos of) if the magazine ceases operation.


  1. I was just recently looking for a poem that I saw in an online magazine in which you had a poem published. I eventually found the link here on your blog, but it was broken. I thought maybe the publication (Street Light Press) had gone under, but a Google search thankfully lead to the right site (and the poem!). So, yes, the accessibility is great but there are definite downsides. I suppose that's why, when citing websites, it's always necessary to include a "date accessed". I hear tell of sites that, more or less, keep snapshots of the internet at various points in time. But I'm not sure I'd want to access those...

    I hope you are well! This is a beautiful piece.

    1. Which poem were you looking for?
      Yeah, websites come and go quickly, and not everything is archived like people think it is. But, I still love the ability to share links. I've never thought of sites like a time capsule... seems accurate in some cases.

      I'm... okay. Life is hectic.
      How are you?

    2. I didn't realize I had never gotten back to you. In the meantime we've already discussed elsewhere how I am...

      I was looking for a poem called Rituals before I Write back to Him by Jana Katsaros (it's in the first issue at I can't remember why that poem initially struck me, but I do like the style and the mystery of human attachment.