Update: Hodgkin's, Publication, Etc.

I managed surgery quite well.  I only spent two days in the hospital and didn't need rehab at all.  There is a four-inch incision the left side of my chest.  I'm missing part of a rib.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with classic Hodgkin lymphoma.  I had two primary cancers at the same time (the chest mass showed up on the same scan my uterine cancer did).  The next step is a tremendous amount of testing, but Hodgkin's is quite treatable.
Earlier this month, my holiday horror flash fiction piece, "Remote Control" was published.  Just to warn you, it's kind of disturbing.  This was the story I received a horrible rejection over.
I'm staring down 65 rejections for 2018 as of today.

I've received six acceptances.  My most recent one came on December 7th from Brine Literary.  No matter how many submissions I send in a year, I seem to receive six acceptances... rarely more.
I hope all of you are thriving, dear readers.


  1. Congrats on surgery going well and your prognosis being good. That's some good news going into 2019. And your story! Whoa! You weren't kidding. Disturbing and so well done! @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    1. Thank you for the compliment on my story.
      I was told chemotherapy is the most common treatment for Hodgkin's because the lymph system is throughout the body. Not looking forward to it, but life is worth it.