My First Acceptance of 2018

It happened!  The dam of rejection has broken.  A horror poem and a flash fiction piece will appear in Lonesome October Lit at different points this year.  Acceptance alone is enough to celebrate, but there is another reason it feels so sweet.

A couple of years ago, I wrote about a painful rejection to a story I wrote.  Afterward, I shelved the story and moved on.  I couldn't submit it again.  It felt tainted, like the worst story ever written by anyone.  How could I even call myself a writer?  

Early this month, I decided to submit my "nasty" story.  The one with the "too practical" writing.  And the editor enjoyed my story.  

Everyone says art is subjective, a saying both frustrating and true.  But comments can influence how artists see their work and (in some instances) themselves.
I'm glad I put my work away for a while instead of trashing it, and hope I can remember my "icky" soon-to-be-published story when I feel like giving up.

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