Fairy Gardens & Boxes (What to do With Life)

On my cancer blog I wrote:  I have more time to live my life (which is great), but what do I do with it?  I've done nothing positive or exciting with my life for about a decade now.  There will be no children, pets, jobs, houses, travelling, college education, etc.  Between being a dirty scrounger on the dole and having chronic pain and health issues... there isn't much I can do with the time I'm given that will have a major impact.  I try, furiously.  But it feels futile.  It seems most of my energy is simply used to keep me alive.

The last "big" thing I did was move into the apartment my husband and I currently inhabit.
Yes, I've had some writing published in the last decade.  I've become an aunt (a fantastic thing, but not "my" accomplishment).  My cancer appears to be gone, but keeping me alive shouldn't be all I do with myself.

So, while my days slide by, what is left to do that I'm able to attempt?
Fairy gardens have captured my attention on occasion the last couple years but are on my mind a lot the last few months.  I love all things magical and whimsical.  Who doesn't want a touch of sweetness in their lives?

The container a fairy garden is built in is as important as the flowers, miniature fences, plastic animals, and clay fairies composing the garden itself.  If the box is too big, you need a huge variety of pieces.  If the pot is too small, the garden becomes a centerpiece.  Should the planter be fancy or plain?

I'm thinking about making one.  I don't think I have the money for it, but The Dollar Tree has pieces and decorations... so, maybe.
Everyone tells you to think outside the box when you're stuck in life.  Just think of something you've never thought of!  Just do something completely outside of your normal capabilities!  But, the box of my life isn't cardboard.  It isn't my lack of imagination.  My life's container is titanium buried in concrete.  I can, sometimes, pull things inside with me... but not get out.

So, I drag stuff inside.  I start blogs and writing programs online.  I get out of the apartment the one day a week my body lets me.  I cultivate friendships however I can.  I try to learn something new every day.  I try to be a good wife, daughter, sister, and person.  I search for the flowers, miniature fences, plastic animals, and clay fairies composing the fairy garden of my life and hope, when it's complete, that it's whimsical, magical... with more than a touch of sweetness.

Perhaps the small pieces will be big enough when added together.

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