2018... I Tried to Like You

My 2017 wasn't great.  Worrying about healthcare because of the government, cancer, relatives with their own health scares...  blah, blah, blah.

I have zero medical appointments this month, a rarity.  I still haven't gotten that nasty flu going around, luckily.  Brandon and I have a private Christmas on the 23rd each year.  I have time to watch television, play video games, and contemplate where my life is going after the cancer is gone.  There's been a bit of depression and anxiety about the future, but I'm getting back to good.

Then, last night, someone I love dearly ended up in the hospital.  She was incoherent when they brought her into the emergency room, but is lucid today.  A fair bit of stuff is wrong with her, though.  I keep telling myself it's better to be in the hospital than at home getting worse.

Needless to say, the slow bud of optimism for 2018 has faded before the bloom.

Maybe this will be the only true obstacle or hardship for the entire year.  Maybe my loved one will be discharged from the hospital after the weekend and, in the coming months, be better than she's been in a long time.  Maybe my cancer is gone forever.  Maybe I'll publish something exciting or amazing.  Maybe I'll change someone's life, positively and permanently.

But, as a Magic 8 Ball so wisely puts it, "Outlook grim".

**I might be posting, but not on a set schedule.**

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