Tragedy Agendas

My lovely readers,

Everyone is talking about the tragedy in Las Vegas.

I'm not going to talk politics, gun control, or regulations.  We need to have these discussions (not indignant screaming matches) soon.  But, not right now.  Not today.  Give it a few days before you wave your agendas.

Right now, we should be offering our condolences... our money, our talents, our energies to the people who need it the most.  We need willing hands and open hearts working to make tomorrow, next week, a year down the road... better than it is right now.  We should be checking on our neighbors, hugging our kids.

Let people mourn a bit.  Let people plan.  Help out as much as possible.
We can discuss laws and mechanisms some other (not totally distant) day.

I wish you all safety, peace, and love.


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