Update (What I'm Reading and More)

Have any of you ever had a CT scan?
I'm going in for my first one tomorrow.  I'm finally searching for answers to some health problems I've had for years.  I want answers, but I don't.  Maybe I just want good results and don't want to know if they're otherwise.
I'm reading the newest installment in the Throne of Glass series.  My best friend got me into it and it's quite good.  I often wish more fantasy books had older characters, though.
I don't know what I'm reading after that, perhaps more books for review on my other blog, The Handy, Uncapped Pen.  A few people have mentioned the desire for more reviews on there.
This month is National Poetry Month.  This month is yielding no new poems.  I should feel guilty about not writing, but I don't.  I am reading a lot of new poems, though!  Hearing the voices of others will stoke the flame of words within myself.

Currently, I have three poetry chapbooks (two literary, one fantasy) and a horror poetry collection making the rounds to a few publications.  I'm losing faith that one of them will find a place to call home, but one never knows.
In closing, I leave you with this small Twitter thread talking about what happens to writers who create drama for book sales.  It just goes to show, kindness and respect will still win long-term.

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