Why I Chose My Word for 2017

I wrote a post on my other blog about resolutions (and why I don't make them).  In the post, I talk about choosing a word for the year in lieu of a resolution.  There is less pressure with a word... it's more of a guide or reminder.

I had trouble choosing a word this year.  Everything feels so chaotic and uncertain, that I can't pinpoint what I need the most.  I thought of (and rejected) the word "serenity" because most of the tempest in my life is external and I'm not excellent under duress.

When I almost died last year, it was because I was on overload.  I started not feeling well because of holiday stress.  My in-laws (truly wonderful people) visited the same month I was hospitalized.  My birthday left me feeling sad (because it seemed like some of my loved ones just didn't care about it... or me).  I was writing and submitting at an accelerated rate.  It was too much.

I often feel my life span will be more abbreviated than the average person's.  So, I push myself past what I can handle thus, endangering my health/life.  I want to accomplish stuff before I die, damn it!

But, maybe I won't put myself through the crush this year.  While I have no real hope of obtaining serenity, perhaps I can reach for balance.  I won't submit as often.  I won't put myself down because I missed a deadline.  I will rest more, play more... relax.  I haven't been feeling well (again) since mid-November, but (luckily) haven't run a temperature.

So... balance will be the word I live by this year.  We will see if it helps.

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