Is There True Equality Among the Sexes?

**This is a very political post.  I'm liberal.  You've been warned.**
**If you wish to intelligently debate any points, I welcome it.  However, respect is expected.**

People hear "feminism" and think, "Those are men-hating women who want to be superior".  And yes, there are some who believe that women are better, just as there are men who see women as inferior.  Despite what is said however, feminism is about equality... simple.

Why am I bringing up feminism?  The Women's March.

I've seen a lot of back-and-forth online about it, most discussions or diatribes going nowhere, as is typical of something with a political bent.  One of the questions I've come across most is:  "Don't women have equality already?"  Sometimes, the question is followed up by a list of ways men get the short end of the stick.  Another I hear is:  "Trump hasn't been in office long.  So, what could he have done?"

So, first, let's break it down.

1.  Are men and women equal in this country?

No, but it isn't always women getting messed around.

2.  How are women getting jerked around?

The glass ceiling still exists (for most fields, not all).  
Women are still assaulted (and blamed for it).  Was she drinking?
Birth control, and lack thereof, are seen as a woman's responsibility.  If she gets pregnant, she should "suffer the consequences".  Never any talk about daddy dearest.
Women are typically discouraged from entering a "man's career".
A forthright woman is a bitch.  A forthright man is honest.
In general, women's products cost more than men's, even basics like socks.
Women are still expected to do most household things, even when they have a job.

I could go on, highlighting areas big and small... but let's move on.

3.  What areas are men unequal in?

Men aren't nearly as abused as women but, when they are, no one really believes them.
Men must register for the draft, women don't.
Women generally have an easier time getting the kids (and money) in a divorce, though that is changing a bit.
Men are convicted more often for crimes.  And receive harsher sentences.

There may be some points I'm missing for men, but those stand out.

True feminism is equality.  It isn't right that men have the disparities I've listed any more than it is fair that women have a list.
4.  Why are women mad at Trump?  What has he done?

A.  First, there was locker-room talk.  "Letting" someone grab you by your intimate places is not the same as "wanting" them to.  Some people freeze when being assaulted and/or caught off guard.  But, okay.  Let's just say that was Trump "being a normal guy".

B.  Allegations of sexual misconduct and sexism have swirled around Donald Trump for a long time, more when the tape was released.  Of course, his supporters say all these women are liars, and some may be.  But, all?  Doubtful.  The same people calling all these women attention-seekers were the same people crucifying Bill Cosby as soon as the first woman spoke out.

C.  Some dislike his lack of transparency (like not divulging his tax records, last I heard).  Or cabinet choices (for various reasons).  Or the fact that he's been sued an incredible amount of times (which, admittedly, does happen when you're in business).

D.  There are also a myriad of allegations that he is racist.  Now, an accusation does not a racist make.  But, again, there's been a fair amount of people saying things...
Plus, the Muslim Registry idea bothers people.

E.  Probably one of the biggest ones, the plan to defund Planned Parenthood.  Voters think all Planned Parenthood does is give abortions with government money.  But, they don't know about the Hyde Amendment.  Or that most of the services offered have absolutely nothing to do with abortion.  A lot of women are kept healthy because of cancer screenings from them.

F.  Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act (known also as ObamaCare).  The ACA isn't perfect, but it has saved lives.  Replacement might not come for years (if at all) and could literary lead to people getting sicker and/or dying in the meantime.  If they do replace it, they're thinking of doing high-risk pools where not everyone gets coverage.  Again, leads to death.
There are also rumors about changes to Medicare/Medicaid, but I don't have anything concrete enough to report on.  It worries me, though.

G.  Trump is planning to slash funding to domestic violence grants programs, which some women see as being against them... for some reason.

H.  Women want to maintain access to safe abortions.  This, of course, is a huge issue. **Eventually, I'm going to write a post on being pro-choice.**
Honestly, I know I don't have all the facts.  I know some of the things he's planning on MIGHT NOT HAPPEN.  But it's worrisome.  Quite.

If you were worried about your grandmother's healthcare, wouldn't you march?  If you were scared your name would be on a registry because of your religion, would you be fine with it?  If the college kid you tutor could lose access to pelvic exams, would you just shrug?

People are scared.  So, they march, hopefully into a bright and prosperous future.

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