Gratitude List

Today, my husband and I will be going to my family's in celebration of Thanksgiving.  We will be assisting mom in baking fifteen (not a typo) pies.  There is also a turkey the size of a toddler thawing in my mom's kitchen.

I have much to be thankful for, even when life is tough.  I never want to forget that.

I'm thankful for:

1.  Great friends who always have my back.  They are family, in some cases.

2.  My family.  My genuine earth-mother.  My two annoying, awesome, geeky older brothers.  My cousin who's like a baby brother.  My two nephews and niece.  Caring parents-in-law.  My amazing best friend.  My husband... who is my all.

3.  Compassionate acquaintances.

4.  Having a nice apartment, food on the table, and the lights on.  Many people don't have that.

5.  Time to pursue my interests.  I don't get out much, but I have time others don't have to write/create.

6. Not dying this year!  I got... sort of... close to it.  But, I live.

7.  Medical care that doesn't put me in debt.  I need prescriptions every month.  My wheelchair is the price of a (new) car.  It's pricey to be disabled... and kept alive.

8.  My wheelchair.  People see it and pity me, but they have no idea how much freedom it gives me.  Without it, I'd be a shut-in.

9.  My country.  Yes, America has it's problems (and a fair amount of people have a growing disdain for any minority, including disabled people) but it is still a place where people can dream.  It is a place of welcome, some just don't remember that because they take it for granted.  But we will remember what we are.  We are a country of freedoms, of justice.  Of chances.
What are you thankful for this month?


  1. That's a great list of things to be grateful for. This year, I've had to try harder than most years to remember that I have a lot of goodness in my life. 2016 was a hard year. So, I am grateful, it's almost over and building my optimism for next year.

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    1. I'm not an optimist by nature, so remembering things aren't all bad is difficult. I worry too much, too often. I can't appreciate what I have because my head is far into fretful futures. If there's a bleak scenario, I'm there. I don't often imagine winning the lottery.

      Here's to hoping we both have a brighter 2017... and that we recognize it as such!