Change Can be Good!

I am often torn when it comes to this blog.  I go through long periods of apathy towards it.  For years, I did almost everything I could to be interesting, interact with people, post consistently... and I realized it wasn't doing anything for anyone.  Not even me...

I'm going to be changing the blog's design this month.  I don't expect cosmetic change to bring people clamouring for my (apparently) lackluster self, but it might fire me up until I retire this space.

And, unless something amazing happens, I am going to retire this space.  My end date is currently scheduled for December 31st of 2018.  I want to give myself time without it being indefinite; I've had this blog for over six years and, sometimes, I only want to continue it because of all the time I've spent here.

Energy is not an infinite resource for me.  My pain levels make even simple things difficult, most days.  I need to put my focus on what will yield... something positive.  I haven't been reaping benefits on any level here.  It's foolish to push on without feeling good about things.

So... here we are...

Have you ever quit something you invested copious amounts of effort into?  What was it?  Do you regret giving it up?


  1. I'm very stubborn, so, no I don't think I've completely given up on something I invested heavily in. I have shifted my focus and attacked from a new angle, though--like with blogging, some of my earlier attempts at novels, etc. But, energy is limited (physical and emotional), so you have to choose where to use it.

    My unsolicited and possibly worthless advice would be to ask yourself what you wanted that you were hoping this blog would do for you, then assess whether you still want that and if a blog is the best way to get it. For me, I got into blogging to establish a regular habit of writing and to build a social media presence for the eventual writing career I intend to have. It's done me some good on both of those fronts.

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    1. You have the right idea. I just don't have or know another angle to come from. Maybe it will come to me, eventually.

      My purpose for this blog was to reach people. I like connecting to people. Or entertaining/informing them. Platform, which is partially what it boils down to, is a bit different for poets than novelists so I never really knew what I could/would do on that end.

  2. I wouldn't say that I've actually given up collecting postage stamps, but I have spend approximately zero time with my collection since I started college. I intend to get back to it some day... hopefully sooner rather than later, but since I'm still in school it's hard to say.