Tuesday is Blog Day and a Kind Rejection

Update on Thursday:  The kind rejection is just a kind form one... and it makes me sad to know that.  I thought I was... close...

As most of you know, I have a second blog.  I've tried to post there twice a week, and here twice as well.  It's catching up to me.  Four posts is too many.

So, from now on, Tuesday will be my day to post here.  I don't receive much interaction on either space (so I doubt anyone really cares) but thought everyone should know.  I'll be posting Friday on my blog for disabled/neurodivergent writers.
I received a kind rejection on Monday for one of my chapbooks I'm sending around.  There's been a lot of rejection lately (as usual) so it was nice to hear something positive even without the outcome I'd hoped for.

Here's an excerpt:  There is so much to cherish in "The Layers of This Being" and the manner in which it allows the habitation of various aesthetic paradigms that challenge and excite. I loved the raw and vivid nature of your voice and the lush, evocative imagery, and the way you coaxed language to bare its deepest vulnerabilities and display the best emotions it is capable of. 

This is the same chapbook that made it past the first-round cuts of a contest a while back.  Maybe, just maybe, it will find a good press to call home soon.

Sometimes, hope is needed more than (or just as much as) publication.

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  1. A kind rejection is a definitely a step forward. I have gotten a few of those myself and they do help in the struggle to keep going forward and putting your work out there again.

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act