The Thirsty Soul

The Thirsty Soul
The Christian coffeehouse and bookstore in my town has been an important place for me since the day my best friend and I rolled in years ago.  It has the widest selection of nonalcoholic drinks in town, is centrally located, has a calming atmosphere, and has kind employees.  I can roll inside and get greeted by name.  If I want to spend hours talking with people, no one ever glares or asks me to leave.  If there isn't room for me to navigate with my wheelchair, space is made without complaint or animosity.  It's almost a magical (perhaps holy) place.

And it is closing next month.

The stores along my small city's main street (which is where The Thirsty Soul is located) rarely fare well.  It didn't used to be that way.  Most Christian bookstores (70%, I was told) fail even without the abysmal odds of success on our deteriorating main street.

But this isn't just another business beaten down, it is a sanctuary in our city for anyone who seeks it.  The elderly come to listen to live gospel music once a week.  Addicts come for help and resources (and the owner wanted to expand that outreach).  The lonely and hurt come for company, and prayer.

Complete strangers will sit with you and share their stories.  Everyone is a part of a spirit that shines through cracks in our broken world like moonlight filtered through treetops, even for non-Christians like me.  It is rare to find that light of welcome and compassion, especially in a business.

And the owner is so warm, you can feel how genuine and generous she is just meeting her.  She is one of those Christians who actually lives the love and light she believes in.

I'm devastated...and heartbroken... and wishing I knew of a way to prevent the inevitable.  We will survive the loss, another store may move in, but nothing will quite fill the emptiness.  Sometimes, a business is more than someone's way to make a living.  Sometimes, it's a piece of a community's soul.


  1. This news is so sad. The Thirsty Soul has been such a safe place for me, too.

  2. I, too will miss this safe haven. I wish there was a way to keep the doors open.

    1. Diane says there are changes afoot. It hints at metamorphosis, not closing.
      I'm relieved but, until I see everything with my own eyes, I'm still going to be sad. She said my words helped alter her course...

  3. I'm praying that those changes will mean the doors will stay open. In this anti-Christian atmosphere we must continue the spreading of God's word in spite of the secular worlds attacks. I know Diane will continue to do that even if the store cannot be saved; and that's what God expects from His Lampstands. Again Diane, God's continued blessings to you and yours. Your cousin Bill Krueger