Dark Poetry Scholarship (I'm Not Worthy, Qualified, Etc.)

The Horror Writers Association has a Dark Poetry Scholarship.  When I found this out, I was thrilled.  Finally, something I could apply for where I felt qualified!  And then, my doubts kicked in, and my research was futile, and...

I'm not applying for the scholarship this year.  You see, a good chunk of the money should go towards things like classes, workshops, etc.  I live in a small town that has nothing for writers.  I have no way to travel hours from home to attend a class.

I can't, for some reason, find anything online which caters to the crafting of speculative poetry.  My writing life is online, everything I have access to is here.  I would have to find something legitimate in this world of wires, something I've been trying to do for years.

So, I'm not going to apply.  There are probably hundreds of better-suited applicants who have clear ideas as to what can help them.  Maybe, someday, there will be a mentor attached to one of these scholarships, I could use that.

The deadline for the scholarship is July 1st, for anyone interested.
Have you ever wanted to take an opportunity you just couldn't?  What stood in your way?  Do you regret not trying to go for it?


  1. That is annoying! Scholarships are generally not very flexible at all. It's like 'we'll give money for THIS ONE SPECIFIC THING' which automatically limits the people who can take advantage of it.

    For me the limitations are time and children. I know this is only a phase of my life and that my children will someday be grown, but I can't take opportunities that mean I'll be away from my home for semesters or summers or even just multiple weeks without MAJOR organization. I know I'm fortunate in what opportunities I *can* lay claim to, but it still rankles a bit when there's something I'm locked out of.

    I hate that there doesn't seem to be something appropriate online for you. I guess it's too niche? I'll definitely let you know if I ever hear of such a critter.

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

    1. They do have rules, but maybe it's so people don't just take the cash and run. Most artists I know would definitely use it to assist them in creating in some form. But it might be better used for one person for a daycare twice a week so they can write. Flexibility would be nice.

      It's still good to have, though. Most places don't even see speculative poetry as legitimate.