7 Types of One-Star Amazon Reviews I Hate

1.  I haven't read it yet, but...
No, no "but".  If you haven't read it, don't leave a review.  I don't care what you've heard about the book, or how you think the synopsis is awful.

2.  Reviews of spite and/or retaliation (trolling)
Sometimes, a group of people will leave bad reviews in the hopes of sinking someone's career, hurting them, or worse.  This is cruelty... it is wrong.
And, if your gripe with the author is actually genuine, (not every author is a sweet person) you're still using the wrong forum to air grievances.  Stop it.
**Also, reviews that attack the author.**

3.  I loved this book!
Great!  Why did you score it low when nothing you said was critical?  Was it a mistake?  You realize you can edit your reviews, right?

4.  Criticism of Amazon
I sympathize with issues people sometimes go through as consumers, but a book being out of stock (or whatever) isn't the failing of the author/book.  Contact Customer Support, rate the company on a business site, but leave the poor book alone!

5.  No, just no
I take it you didn't like the book.  Cool, that's fine.  What didn't you like?  Too much violence?  Cardboard characters?  Elaborate.

6.  I didn't read the description
Don't complain about being blindsided by adult content when the description clearly states the book contains such.  Sometimes bolded... with asterisks... in capital letters.
And please remember to read the suggested ages the book is for.  It will save a fair bit of "this book was too young for me" reviews.

7.  I hate (insert genre here)
I understand.  There are genres I don't read much, myself.
But... why did you buy this book knowing you dislike the type it is?  Were you thinking this particular book would change your mind?  Did you read it on a dare?  Go buy a novel in a genre you enjoy or, at least, don't despise.
**I understand people "troll" this way but they also tend to have verified purchases.  So, they waste money to whine!**

Have you come across these?  Which irk you the most?


  1. Too true! A few months ago my debut novel went on a BookBub special. Tons of people downloaded it. Unfortunately, lots of those people are people who don't read my genre. So I think #6 and #7 are probably my pet peeves. My "favorite" poor review was the lady who was mad that my superhero novel wasn't a book of advice about menopause.

    1. I'm coming at this as a reader. I read critical reviews before I pick up a book. If there are too many reviews as the types I list, I tend to get the book.
      And I always read the description!

  2. I had someone leave me a one-star review saying they LOVED the book. Learn how to use the star system first, people! Someone told me recently about reading a review from someone saying that the author didn't resolve everything..."I couldn't even finish it," the reviewer said. If you didn't finish the book, how do you know the author didn't resolve everything?

    1. I'm unsure how reviewers get the rating system mixed up. Almost all websites use the same system... one bad, five excellent.

      Maybe the person read someone else's review to see how it ends. Because everyone gives accurate depictions of a novel, right?