Good Tends to Whisper

Sometimes, I can't watch the news.  Sometimes, I avoid social media so I don't have to learn about current events.  Sometimes, I can't take what I learn.

I've always tried to be a good global citizen, I've kept up on world affairs, done and donated what I could.  I've tried to be a good person, one who doesn't languish in ignorance.  But, sometimes, the cost of knowledge is pain.

So often, my heart hurts for strangers.  My faith in humanity is shaken and destroyed.  Evil shouts and slams, and we let it.  Good tends to whisper, getting drowned out by chaos and sorrow.

After I heard about the Paris attacks, I read a headline about a mother being convicted for the microwave death of her child.  I left the internet for the rest of that night.  I almost regret every time I turn on a TV, radio, or computer.  But shutting out the world completely is wrong, though limiting exposure to certain things is somewhat necessary for the soul.

I'm just closing my eyes and listening very hard, for the barely audible sound of refuge, friendship, love, and clasping hands.  Evil is a large, dark island, but goodness is the sea.

Keep hope, keep faith.


  1. Completely relate! Paralysed, outraged, super angry and super sad.

    The good can't afford to whisper any longer. The sea needs to get its act together and dish up a tsunami.

    With hope, always.

    1. I've thought about starting a blog about charity, good character, etc.
      Show the bystanders inviting strangers into their homes so they're not out in the streets with gunmen loose. Report on people feeding the homeless. Underdog stories, that kind of stuff.

      A news outlet to give hope, globally.