My Writing News

You may have heard through Twitter that my poem, "The Owl Child" is up at Apex Magazine.

What I haven't shared is... my chapbook is a quarter-finalist in the 2016 Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Competition.  There are 200 chapbooks that made the cut, though, and maybe that's why I didn't say something sooner.  My confidence I'll be a semi-finalist (or beyond) isn't there.  If I say it publicly, I must acknowledge publicly if I don't advance.  The last day of this month, the announcement for the next round comes.

I've wanted a chapbook published for years, so I am oscillating between giddy for making the first cut, and depression for what my brain calculates will be yet another disappointment.  But, for now, there's a glint of possibility so I'll just pretend it's gold... for a while.

Anything huge you're waiting on?


  1. This is amazing news, Jennifer! Your persistence, passion, and dedication are clearly paying off. So proud of you and happy for you!

    1. Thank you!
      I appreciate it. You're always cheering me on. Why can't you be the voice in my head? :)