Video Games Do Not Corrupt

The Electronic Entertainment Expo concludes today.  It has been three days of game developers showing their stuff with enough virtual blood, drinking, and swearing to make even the most hardened pirate happy.  But, some say, that’s a problem with the video game industry, a problem that leads to deviant or even murderous behavior in teens and young adults.


I was still in diapers when my family first rented an Atari.  By the time I was three, I was jumping on turtles and saving princesses every single day.  I’m a gamer.  And I can tell you video games are NOT what so-called “experts” make them out to be.

What about the “troubled” people playing violent video games?

Hmmmmm… and what about them listening to Death Metal or watching horror movies or reading Dean Koontz’s novels?  If someone is going to be adversely affected by what they’re exposed to, it is going to be everything.  For goodness sakes, don’t let that person turn on the news, there’s nothing but violence and no-good action to be found!

But kids don’t get outside/have friends/do anything anymore!

And that’s not just video games.  It is a bad effect of technology on society; the more gadgets we have to make life easier, the more complacent and inactive we become.  Blaming video games is dishonest.

But, while I defend gaming, I do not advocate how some gamers treat others.  Everyone has heard of the terrible things posted on Twitter like the threats of bodily harm, public posting of private information, or various other things.  It is terrible.  It is also a small minority of immature brats and does NOT reflect the majority of gamers out there.  The media just grabs on to these stories and twists a small percent into” most”.  Trust me, just because a segment is vocal, and dumb, doesn’t mean they speak for everyone.

Is there gaming addiction?

Yes, I can’t deny there is.  Some people play so long they ignore basic needs like eating or going to the bathroom.  It shouldn’t happen, but it does.  But the internet is also an addiction, social media a more specific one.  I’ve heard of a support group for people who read too much.  Nearly anything someone takes an avid interest in can become an obsession in certain circumstances.

So, don’t be afraid to play video games.  They have the benefits of sharpening your hand-eye coordination, keeping your focus sharp, and being a heck of a lot of fun.  Just don’t stop showering.

Do you play video games?

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