Waiting, Illness, and What I Haven't Done

I was called away from my house in January to assist my family who were (and still are) going through a rough time.  A couple days before husband and I were to head home, I became ill.  High fever, chills, sore throat... fun.  A few days after coming home, my sore throat got worse so I went to the Emergency Room.  The next day, they told me I had Streptococcus group B.

They insisted they don't normally treat that strain but, since I was so sick, they gave me the five-dose prescription.  It didn't clear it up.  I called back, as they told me to.  They said I had to come in and get rechecked but, honestly, they didn't think they could do much for me.

I've been ill for over five weeks.  Some days, I am awake eight to ten hours out of twenty-four.  My uvula is swollen.  But I finally saw my Nurse Practitioner today.  I have, Tonsillitis... allergies... and what seems to be the beginnings of Pneumonia.  I'm on two weeks of antibiotics.
Because of all this, there is so much I haven't done.  The little poetry I have written hasn't been typed up.  I haven't sent out a whole heck of a lot of submissions.  I'm sometimes extremely upset with my lack of progress.  Mostly, I'm just too exhausted to care.  I can barely keep up this blog and Twitter.

I do have a bit of news, though.  The newest issue of Indigo Rising Magazine has my poem, "Black Dogs" in it.  The issue (digital) came out last week and Lakeside Circus (online) is going to have my poem, "Black Butterflies" up at the end of the month.

Also, the chapbook I actually did send in is "in-progress" currently and I want this acceptance so badly it makes my bones ache.  Wish me luck!

Are you guys having trouble getting started this year?  If so, has illness played a part?  What do you do to get back on track?


  1. Thank you, I hope so.

    I should edit the post: The chapbook was rejected with a simple form. I should have expected it, I just wanted it so much.

  2. Ouch. Sounds like you had the flu and it opened your immune system up for something worse. Hope the new treatment works and maybe if winter ever goes away...
    Congrats on the poems and sorry about the chapbook. I've had so many rejections but each one hurt.

    1. I was hyping myself up for the chapbook, it didn't help. To me, that's where my next "step forward" is. As a poet, you can only do the "literary magazine thing" so long before some type of collection.

  3. I hate to hear of your illness. I know how miserable and frustrating a lingering illness like that can be. Fortunately I've not been afflicted this year for any length of time. Not yet at least.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. And I hope good health and fortune follows you for quite the while.

      Life has been rough since halfway through 2013. It has to get better sometime soon, right?

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    1. I must leave this here.

      If you can read between... well... I'm just leaving this.

  5. Oh wow, I'm so sorry! Sometimes these things go on and on and on.

  6. My throat/uvula feel so much better. But now I have a wheeze if I exert myself which isn't asthma.