Thoughts on Almost Thirty

I turn thirty Wednesday.  It's supposed to be big... exciting!  Stepping through to a new, shiny set of ten years always is, right?  But, outside of being (gratefully) alive to see another birthday, it doesn't feel any more special than the last.

In the last decade, I've:

Met and married my soulmate
Left college for the second (and last) time
Lost most of my family due to their actions
Moved away from home (these relatives are good ones, I swear)
Began writing, submitting, and publishing more
Became an aunt
Watched mom almost die a handful of times
Lost my grandmother
Almost died myself once or twice
If you take out events that are negative or that I couldn't control, most of it happened by age twenty-three.  I've sat around the last seven years, or that's how it feels.  I haven't done much.

My husband and I aren't having children, aren't allowed pets and don't have money to travel, buy a home, start a business, or anything else "average" people do.  These things, unless Lady Luck swaggers into my kitchen, straddles my wallet, and recites the Money Tree Prayer, aren't going to happen.

So, will my thirties be more of the same?  Negative things or events beyond my control?  Certainly.  Events happen all the time I can't control.  To you, too, I suspect.  No decade puts the skids on the unknown.  But, that's good.  We aren't supposed to know.  Not every surprise is bad.  Once in awhile, maybe Luck will wink at me on her way to Mark Zuckerberg's house.  Combined with hard work and support from amazing people, I can make that work for six more decades.

Do you get excited about your next "big" birthday?  What did you do for your last birthday milestone?


  1. Happy Birthday! A lot can happen in a decade. Wait til you get my age. I can't even remember half of what's happened in my life. Now I reluctantly watch the old years pass and just hope I make it to another.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I've lost friends younger than me who were in better health than me. After that, each birthday I see is a great one. I just hope I do "enough" in this life!