No Looking Back, No Resolutions, It's GO Time

Greetings everyone!

Hopefully, you remember me.  Heck, maybe some of you are glad to see me.  I have missed you.
I fully intended on recounting my holiday happiness and horror upon my return.  Then I thought about resolutions but, let's face it, less than 10% of us keep our New Year Promises and I am hardly a minority when something positive happens so...
There is an open reading period for a small press publishing chapbooks this month only.  The chapbooks are beautiful, hand-sewn, and lean towards fabulist writing.  I want to submit.  I'm a coward.

But I'm uncertain just what I'm afraid of.  I've been rejected more times than Donald Trump has wriggled his way out of bad business decisions.  I've made silly mistakes I wish I'd caught.  An editor or two has even mocked me.  So, what is it?

If I gain the guts by January 31st, I'll submit.  And let you all know, of course.
Onwards!  Maybe...
What is the first chance you hope to take with your writing in 2015?


  1. I've been struggling with fear lately too--I have a story that I love but am terrified to publish it BECAUSE I love it so much--weird? Yes. But I think I'm going to do it anyway. And you can submit yours! As you said--It's Go Time!! You can do hard things. Here's to January 31st!!!!

    1. I don't want to be the type of writer who lets fear stop me and then laments my career going nowhere. Maybe I am just afraid because it is a selection of work (and not just a few) and it could be crushing on a larger scale.

      Then again, novelists face the nearly inevitable rejection of larger works all the time. They manage.

      If you send out your story, please update me on how it does!