Food Stamps

I'm on Food Stamps.  I hesitate to write even that much.  Such disdain is leveled towards people who, like me, must use them to get by.
Everyone "knows" all people on food programs scam the system, cash stamps in (illegally) to buy alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, eat the meals of kings, and are proud of their "chosen" way of life.

We, the scum of the United States, should be embarrassed and ashamed.  We should walked hunched over with our heads bowed as all of you worthy citizens pass judgement and pass by.  How dare we?
This wasn't in the plan for me.  Surprised?  I didn't want this!  Shocked?  I was college-bound.  I was goal-oriented.  I was going to be off SSI with no need for any kind of government help.  Heck, I got giddy when I thought of being a taxpayer.  But dreams are not always realized.  Others, not I, derailed me.

I could be on many more programs than I am but, since we make it without them, I don't take them.  I use my power wheelchairs ten years (they break by then), though I can replace them every five even if they still run well.  I went to the optometrist's for an exam and new glasses this month and, even though I can get an exam and two pairs of glasses annually, it's been nine years.

So, here I am, one of those "Welfare Queens" people speak of.  Someone who will probably never be off the system.  Scorn me.  I don't buy cigarettes, never have.  I hate every alcoholic drink I've ever tasted.  I sometimes buy "junk and empty carbs" because it's cheaper and more filling than healthy food, not that it's your business.  One of the reasons my husband and I will never have children is because the "system" would help support them.  Go ahead, look down your noses.

All everyone hears about is the "rampant abuse".  But the majority of food stamp users are honest and decent.  It's other people who have the problem with us.

I'm not proud of needing help but I am damn sure I won't let anyone make me feel ashamed.


  1. I don't disdain anyone who has a genuine need for assistance like it sounds that you have. However there are a great many who do scam the system and take advantage of whatever they can get. I've known some of these people and while I've never condemned them for what they do, I do have a lack of respect for what they are doing.

    Thank goodness our great country does offer many safety nets for those who need the help. Just as there are those who take advantage of the system, there are also those who genuinely need the help and don't pursue it for one reason or another or they don't know the help is there.

    I wish you well with your situation and hope that you can achieve the successes in life that you are searching for.

    Tossing It Out

    1. I'm not saying no one scams. Any program can and will be taken advantage of. But, for all the abuse there is, it is but a fraction of everyone on the program. The bad part is, the fraud is all everyone speaks of and that tars many good people with an evil brush.

  2. Hey Jennifer!
    Don't feel ashamed. That's what they're there for. There'll always be the bad apples. I had to use WIC when my son was born bc my husband was in school full time and I was out of work for a few months. Let people think what they want to, the important thing is you know you're being honest.