Robin Williams Committed Suicide

So far, that's what the news is.  It is said he battled depression before his death.

This is why I tell my artistic people to seek help if they need it, to reach out of the void sucking you under before it's too late.  Once someone is down too far, the only solution sought is one of permanence.

Many actors are said to use cocaine.  For writers, it is said our drug of choice is alcohol. People say it is common, and even joke about such things.
Well, why is it so "common"?  Is it a constant party attitude, or are artists trying to self-medicate to keep the void from engulfing them?

Listen to those around you, hear and see them.  Check on things.
Monitor your feelings.  Be honest and open about changes and difficulties.

Reach out, please!  And hang on to any happiness, no matter how slight.


  1. So sad about Robin Williams. Depression is a hard thing to battle. People need to be that it is a real thing and difficult to overcome. And if you suffer from it, you should definitely seek help. He will be missed.

    1. Yes, depression is so hard. It affects everything.
      Some people said he was selfish for doing what he did. They haven't ever suffered from severe depression before, or they would sympathize.