Desensitized or Dissatisfied

Your first publication made you shake, cry, scream, feel validated happy.  Your second one felt amazing, too.  Your fifth one?  Good.  Your Twentieth?  Just O.K.
Then you started to climb higher (win awards, get paid) and the process began anew.  So, you kept reaching but not for the reasons you began with.  You went on simply to feel the euphoria once more.
The above scenario scares the pants off of me.  I don't want to be a writer (or person, really) constantly dissatisfied with what I have.  I really want writing to be its own joy and the greatest recognition to come from readers who, though they read many pieces that month, took the time to track me down and tell me they liked mine.
Poets rarely get feedback when their work is out in the world, especially compared to novelists.

Are you ever afraid you'll end up taking your talent or accomplishments for granted?  Do you know writers who fumble for achievement just to feel the rush?

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