Why Do I Want Business Cards... Again?

We all know, when used properly, business cards can really help.  It is so easy to give your contact information out during a conference or while bumping into an acquaintance.  Every writer is told he/she should have business cards.

I'm sure some of you remember that I had business cards made up.  Out of the 250 I purchased, I believe three were put into the hands of people that didn't know me well enough to already have the information provided.  Three may be optimistic.
Since I don't attend conferences, readings, or have a large pool of people to pass them to, I felt it was a mistake.

Yet, knowing what occurred last time, I want new business cards.  My brain says I need a new one because I have a Twitter account and my user name should be on there.  I've also been thinking about getting a Twitter background image (the big one across the top) that matches my blog background.  The business cards would match both of these, of course.

Do any of you ever have this kind of problem?  Do you know what would snap me out of it?  Help is appreciated!


  1. My most recent business card purchase was in November of 2009. I got 100 made to promote my blog. I probably passed out 2/3's of them early on thinking I'd see a jump in blog followers and comments because of that. I didn't.

    I think people were usually polite when I gave my pitch and then they later pitched my cards. Still I've thought about having new ones made with Twitter handle and some other online info. Maybe later.

    If you don't think you'll be having anyone to pass these out to in a professonal capacity then you might want to wait. But if they're really cheap it probably doesn't hurt to have them just in case.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. Well, I still have some old ones with my blog link and email address so, those may do in a pinch.
      You travel much more than I do (trust me) so I can see the desire to update your cards.

      If I decide to do it, I will let you know.