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I've survived my first tweet-week!  I wasn't sure I would.  After all, most of us get caught in social media time-sucks too much already.  Heck, I put more time into this blog than I'd ever outright admit so I thought the last thing I needed was to fall asleep in the nest of a deceptively innocuous little bluebird.

But, so far, I like it!  It didn't take nearly as long to learn about hashtags and retweets as I thought.  And I've already learned a few other things, too.

1.  No one account should be allowed to gobble up more than 30% of your stream.  I was following a person I admire but couldn't tolerate her thirty-plus tweets (sometimes double) in a six hour period.

2.  Retweeting is your friend.  I cannot tell you how much interesting content I've shared and I love doing so.  I only share if there aren't already a million retweets and there is value.

3.  Writing tweets aren't the only thing I post.  Yes, I write about writing but also find myself posting little poems and other things like admitting I enjoy watching professional wrestling.

4.  Finding people and content on topics that interest you is easy.  I find it difficult to locate other writers on blogger.com and often resort to perusing the lists of followers other writers have.

5.  It makes me word-conscious.  Brevity is certainly not my strength but, perhaps after a few thousand tweets, I'll be decent at it.

Now, don't get me wrong, not everything is perfect.  I hate the confines sometimes (like with my full name).  I still haven't figured out how to shrink URLs; I understand there's another website involved, but still.  Scrolling advertisements (accounts that auto post frequently and persuade me to buy) suck.
And #lastnotleast #tweets with too many #hashtags really #annoyme.

But, even with all that, a little birdie has glided into my life and I'm smiling.

Are you on Twitter?  Please leave your username in the comments so I can follow you.

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