Summer Writing Slump

Does your writing production take a dive during summer?  You're not alone.  My schedule for the season includes my anniversary, four birthdays, outings, and other events.  As a result, my writing tends to wilt a bit.  I can't imagine how those with children have to change things up.  

But knowing this pattern puts me ahead of the game because I can take steps to decrease my decrease in output.  You can, too.

1.  Submit manuscripts beforehand (many places close down for the season, anyway)
2.  Get the gear (waterproof notebooks for the beach, etc.)
3.  Take some trip/event/day photos (they can trigger story ideas later)
4.  Find a writing buddy (accountability prompts action)
5.  Watch your revisions (people get stuck there and write nothing new)
6.  Tell original stories (best while around a fire)
7.  Travel with purpose (use a family trip to spark interest/research)
8.  Ask older relatives about family stories

I know some of these are odd but they work for some people.

Do you have a "least productive" season for writing?  How do you manage to stay on target?


  1. I know I was way less productive last summer than I was for the rest of the year. I'm finding I'm not as burned out this summer though. Maybe it'll be fairly productive.

    But when I'm not 'feeling it' I just consider it time to create new ideas in my head. Eventually I'll get them down ;)

    1. Do you plan on doing anything different this summer so you don't have the same thing happen?