Deadlines, Procrastination, This Blog... Blah

There's a week left to go for this Poem-A-Day Challenge and, in spite of everything occurring this month, I haven't been late one day.  I feel marvelous about this until, of course, I view my sporadic blog postings.

For some reason, my blog is slightly more expendable than other projects.  Maybe because other things demand attention for a shorter period of time (maintaining their appeal) but I think it's more likely that I see blogging days as malleable.  Would I stick to it if I felt more accountable?

Concrete deadlines are the only sure-fire way I can't find wiggle room.  Self-imposed deadlines are the trickiest and the ones for tasks that don't seem to progress are nearly impossible.  And there is the issue.

How do you keep yourself going when you believe you're treading water?
How do you keep your blog feeling fresh and/or worth it?
Usually, I just carry on until these feelings of futility leave me.  Today's just not one of those days.

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