Bargain Hunters (non-writing)

My husband went to the library the other day and came home with about two years' worth of back issues of Poetry Magazine.  It was an incredible find.  I've been wanting to peruse physical literary magazines and that particular one is most poets' coveted credits.

My husband and I are not dumpster divers or extreme couponers but we are bargain hunters.  Everyone considers themselves to be, I'm sure.  You almost have to be in this economy.  We not only seek out things for ourselves but often assist family and friends with finding deals.

Why am I telling you this?  Links, of course.  Maybe you know about them already but maybe not.  Some will be more helpful than others.  They seem legit but, as always, tread carefully.

1.  Gift Card Granny-Buy or sell gift cards.  You can buy some for a good discount.
2.  Freecycle-This website will help you find a local freecycle group.  People can post items they no longer want (but are still useable) or ask if anyone has a specific item needed.  *Be cautious about who you choose to meet and where.*
3. Coupon Mountain and RetailMeNot- Listed together because they have online coupon codes for many stores and often similar ones.  They do list expired ones so be aware of that.
4.  CheapA**Gamer- Exclusively for video game lovers to find good values.
5.  Hip2Save- A blog that lists random coupons, deals, discounts, free samples, sweepstakes, etc.  I check it everyday and love it.
6.  Half by Ebay- A good site to find video games, books, and DVDs for decent prices, often cheaper than or department store prices.  Remember to check feedback before purchasing!

What are your favorite websites or ways to find deals?  Which of these didn't you know about?

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