Five Things I Love About Writing (And an Idea)

Do you guys want to see my rejections?  Want to know who I've gotten personal responses from?  Ever see my (rare) acceptance announcement and wonder just how long it took me to place the piece and how many others rejected it before?

I'm thinking about putting up a page with rejection stuff on it or the occasional posting on personal rejections I've received.  Don't worry, anyone who is guilty of being an insensitive jerk will have their names redacted... maybe.

Let me know!
And now:  On with the show!

What I Love About Writing 

1. Ink on my hands 
2. Sentences that can make you want to cry or hit someone (sometimes simultaneously) 
3. Fresh notebooks or journals 
4. Building worlds 
5. Escaping through the page into someone else's world 

**Plus a million other things** 

What are your "Fave Five" things about writing?

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