Better SEO + Gaining Followers + Me = Headaches

In three and a half years, I've only had 26 followers.  That's pretty bad when it comes to what blogs are supposed to help you do.  Everyone's had the whole "networking, platforming, branding" shoved down their throats so far, they're digging it out from between their toes.  

So, like others, I went looking for advice.  Oh Writerly Muses on caffeinated chocolate mountains, there's so much!   For years I've looked for ways to start discussions, gain interest, keep followers happy, keep myself going.  Because of the experts I've tried:  Contests, give-aways, guest posts, more images, smaller posts, links, personal posts, impersonal posts, quotations, widgets, apps, commenting on others' posts... with almost no effect.  It's not like I wouldn't do some of these things anyway but, when it comes down to it, we all want to find ways to entertain or be interesting.  One of the best sources of blogging advice I can find is:  http://www.problogger.net/blog

You'd think I'd be ready to give up and sometimes, I am.  But being (primarily) a poet has taught me mass audience appreciation isn't always in the cards.  No matter what you write, some may not care to stay.  No matter how many images, someone isn't going to like them.  What it boils down to is doing it because you want to, desire to, need to on some level.  And when your audience DOES find you months, days, or even years from now?  You'll be ready, because you carried on.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, writers of highest degree, sailors of forgotten seas... is what it is all about.
Do you ever feel like you're not gaining followers?  Do you ever wonder why you're blogging?  What's the best thing you've ever done for your blog?  What is one thing about blogging that makes you nuts?


  1. It sounds like you're doing the right things. I know you visit my blog often and leave comments. How many other blogs do you visit in that way? Do you look for new blogs to follow and let them know in their comments that you've followed them? A to Z Challenge can work wonders, but doesn't necessarily work miracles. Still it's worth doing I think.

    You've asked the questions that many wonder about including me. It's often a mystery. Keep posting and keep studying what it takes. Persistence will get you there eventually. Well--maybe.

    Good luck!

    A Few Words

    1. I try to find new blogs but it's not the easiest task.
      Truth time: I'm not participating in the A to Z Challenge but I will be hopping around, hoping to find good blogs to follow.

    2. Here's one suggestion of something I did a lot when I was first starting out and still do on occasion:

      If you look at my Blogger Profile you'll see that I've extensively filled out my interests and favorites in different categories. When you do that you can then go to your profile (or someone else's for that matter) and click on the various titles and such and you will be taken to a listening of others who have listed the same. Many will be old, but you may still find some blogs that are current. I found a number of bloggers who had the same interests as I had which gave us a common ground for conversation. It doesn't always work, but I found a lot of new bloggers that way.

      Another approach is that I'd go to the comment section of a popular blogger and visit commenters who sounded interesting. That was the main way I first started building relationships with other bloggers.

      A Few Words

    3. Thank you for the tips. I've tried using Google to search for writers' blogs and you can imagine where that got me!
      It's such an uphill battle.