Other Creative Pursuits Part Two! **Art Time**

Warning:  I am not a good with painting, drawing, or anything resembling such a thing.  I tell everyone I meet I am horrible at it, which is true.  But, since we sometimes talk about creativity that isn't word-related, here it is.  
I firmly believe some things are done just for joy and nothing else, not even recognition.  My visual art is one of those.  I'm not going to point out every flaw with these.  I'm just going to let you look with the above warning in mind.  Enjoy!...?

 A rose sunset over the water.  The sand is on the bottom of the picture.  One thing I do want to say is the clouds are... well, not good.  

A baby phoenix.  I understand that, with their first life, phoenixes are not fiery but very colorful.  Perhaps, someday, I will draw one with the hues it is supposed to have.

This was actually inspired by the painting Starry Night.  In my original version, the fireflies were massive, about a third the size of the moon.  

I love horror/dark fantasy so I thought I would draw something in that vein.  The three figures are ghosts, staring up at the hanging noose that took their lives.  The one in the middle is not a child, but a ghost farther into the picture than the others.

Well, I hope you enjoyed on some level!  What is something you are not good at but love to do, anyway?  Do people in your life support you even if you aren't the best at it?

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