I Want Some, Maybe You Will, Too!

Let's go shopping!  Today is all about writerly products I drool over, long for, or love.  Maybe you'll find new obsessions after this (or share old ones) with me!

I have a leather-bound journal and I love it.  I've been wanting to try one of these.

I love these (and have two)!  They are incredibly addictive if you love to mess around with words.  (The website even has a couple of free, electronic versions to play with.)

3. Supplies-_-Pens and Pencils and and Markers-_-Pens&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=22117567
I've never had a Fountain Pen but always promise myself one when I publish my first collection.  Here's to hoping!

Poets & Writers is the only writers' magazine I subscribe to with regularity.  Most others barely touch poetry and hardly have interviews with poets or multicultural writers.

I subscribe to Ms. Clark's newsletter and love what she has to say.  I rarely buy books but this is on my list to get.

While most models aren't manufactured anymore, it is easy to find them second-hand.  They are much cheaper than laptops, incredibly sturdy, with no internet distraction.  Just make sure the internal battery is good and that you have the right cable for your computer.  I have an Alphasmart 2000.

Large Post-It Notes are a must for planning certain novel scenes or, like me, you make lists for everything.

8.  My ultimate obsession right now:
I love the Little Thinker dolls and finger puppets!  I would stick all the puppets to my refrigerator (they're magnetic on the back) and then stare at my Emily Dickinson doll, wondering what she'd say about my newest composition.
What do you guys think?  What's your writerly obsession right now?


  1. These are so wonderful! I just splurged on products from The Strand, my favorite bookstore in NY. Are you keeping up with your beautiful poetry? I loved your last post on poetry and plagiarism, btw! Keep us posted on your multiple projects!!

    1. The update is happening tomorrow.
      I thank you so much for the compliment on my poetry, it made me smile.

      I found this last night which gives more specific information than my plagiarism post:
      In case you're interested...

  2. Oh fun! I love magnetic poetry!
    And post-it notes are definitely a must. Right now I'm into soundtracks for writing my scenes and the writer mugs at Cafe Press. :)

    1. I've never heard of Cafe Press. I'll be sure to check them out.
      I like creating short pieces with music playing but don't think I could do it with longer works. Do you change music per chapter, character, or something different?