A Poem For Halloween

Dear ones,

Happy Halloween!  Today is my absolute favorite holiday.  In the spirit of the season, I have a poem for you.
The Witch in the Woods

She drained me like a fevered moon
That saps the spinning world.
The days went by like shadows,
The minutes wheeled like stars.

-Edgar Lee Masters

I could say she cast a spell
or plied me with a special brew
arresting my traitorous mouth
with sinfully sweet libations.
But I was dumb, a puppy,
the very sight of her made me swoon
We made our way through cobblestone streets
into the forest on the town’s edge.
It was hot there, even for June.
She drained me like a fevered moon.

Her cottage kept me as a hostage.
Beneath the floorboards was my cage.
I begged and pleaded for release.
She giggled at me like a child,
her favorite pet to annoy or please.
In her ramblings my sanity unfurled.
She was my demon, lover, dream
becoming more real than I ever was.
She was everything mixed, swirled
that saps the spinning world.

Sunlight never touched my face
only faint orange light from her fire.
I fed on cracked bones from her meals
she claimed they were from babies
and I, at first, refused to eat.
Water reflected my image gaunt, sallow.
She said I was beautiful, eerie
coming down to visit and add new scars.
Many times I wished for the gallows.
The days went by like shadows.

She told me I could never leave,
a curse would age me and I’d die
turn into a pile of ancient dust
before I could travel ten feet.
But I couldn't bring myself to care
and hit her with my water jar
as she unlocked my cage to crawl in.
I raced out of the cottage, free.
The prettiest night, though I didn’t get far.
The minutes wheeled like stars.

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