Legacy Publishing

I am used to hearing the word “legacy” when it comes to publishing.  Every author (I think) sees their work as just that.  However, there is another use for the word.

“Legacy Publishing” refers to traditional publishing.  But not in the positive sense.  No, it is a statement that traditional publishing is a technology still utilized yet outdated.  This, some authors say, is the twilight age for publishers.

So, which authors say it?  Well, self-published authors, generally.  The term indicates the traditional way is the OLD way, something antiquated and quaint and dying.

I can get why they would think traditional publishing is not what it was.  Heck, even editors and houses say things have changed.  But I think they’re wrong to say traditional publishers will not be prevalent going forward and that self-publishing will be the “preferred way” for everyone.

There is, I think, a place for everyone and every book.  Maybe I’m naïve and, if so, give it to me straight but I still believe there will be reasons (and opportunities) to publish in a variety of ways.

****Personally, I think the term is a bit of snark by the self-publishers who have endured the second-best label authors with house contracts (and even houses themselves) give self-published authors.  If I’m wrong, tell me so but that’s how I see it.****

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