Social Media Woes?

I’m on Facebook and Myspace.  I only have the former because of my best friend and the latter has become a music-laden wasteland where my personal bits of interest go to disappear.  Even still, I am on them, though not for networking.

 I can’t have multiple accounts on one social site.  It often goes against the terms of use and sounds more consuming than helpful.  But, if you use a few for personal relationships, how do you use the sites to their fullest potential when you need professional places as well?  (And, before you suggest it, I am VERY uncomfortable with Facebook’s idea of “lists” among your contacts and creating more than one account is a huge no-no anyway.)

For “business”, I have this blog.  I can meet new people, exchange ideas, include the URL(s) when I get published, and spread my thoughts around like the common cold in an elevator.  But is it enough?

Nearly every writer I meet has a list of social media links the size of Santa’s Naughty List.  Perhaps they’re going overboard.  Or, maybe I’m the one who needs to change.

So, how many social sites are YOU on?
Which one do you find the most valuable?  Which one is the easiest for you to use?  Am I missing out on anything? 

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