Kelley Lynn's Influences

Hello! My name is Kelley Lynn, author of FRACTION OF STONE (Sapphire Star Publishing). Jennifer was nice enough to let me visit during my release tour. I hope you don’t mind.

When Jennifer offered to host a day of my tour, she asked if I would talk a little about what influences me. This is tough for me to answer because there isn’t one, or a few, writers, or things, that influence me. I just kind of write what comes to my head.

But I do believe we’re all influenced, however minutely, by everything we do or see on a daily basis. So I think it’s fair to say since I can’t pinpoint anyone as being more influential than another, I’m influenced by quite a lot of people.

Critique Partners: My ‘writer friends’ influence me the most, hands down. Critiquing their work makes me want to do what they can, to be as good as they are. And since my critique partners have different strengths, if I can ever be as good as them with those strengths, someday I’ll be a super good writer! J

Other Writers/Authors: I don’t read as much as I would like. (It’s because my CPs/Writer Friends crank out work like nobody’s business so I’m always reading that. Not that I’m complaining. J) But when I do, I tend to read series. The Wheel of Time, The Sword of Truth, Harry Potter, etc. And more recently, Legend, Divergent, Across the Universe. These works influence me, since I definitely tend to think in series. I just love the idea of getting to spend more time with these characters after the one book is done.

TV: I know many people might also be influenced by movies, but my movie watching is severely lacking. And even though my TV watching lags behind the general population, I actually do this, so it influences me. The TV shows I watch are usually dramas, Bones, Fringe, White Collar, Rizzoli and Isles, Law and Order, etc. But I also like comedies, New Girl, Glee and Big Bang Theory. I get a lot of character and plot ideas from shows like these.

People: Yes, people in general. I travel for my day job so I spend a lot of time in airports, on airplanes, in hotels and eating at restaurants and people are just so fascinating. Why do they do what they do? Why do they say what they say? No one person is like another and it is so exciting to explore what that one character would do in a given situation.

So that’s pretty much it! Thanks so much Jennifer for letting me stop by!
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  1. Thanks so much for helping me out Jennifer! This was so fun :)

  2. Kelley is such a talented authour. All her success is well deserved. And I haven't forgotten about a certain authour's 'sort of promising' me she'd audition with me for a part as an extra in the Divergent movie when it's given the green light to start casting.

    Critique partners are essential for writers. They help us do what a paid editor would charge us through the nose for. And the personal support is icing on the cake.