My Accepted List (Poems Not Yet Published)

**Disclaimer:  Pieces don’t get published for various reasons all of the time so some of these may never see print.  It is just how it goes.**

            As of 10/29/2012

Kaleidoscope-Coming Sunset
Paper Nautilus-Cold Insistence
Tales of the Talisman-Witch Season
Strange Horizons-Castle Csejthe
Breath & Shadow-Again
Poetic Bloomings Anthology-Untitled
Apollo’s Lyre-Darkness Reign, Pandora’s Jar

**I do have documentation of each of these, should the question of their authenticity come up.  Some of these are from the beginning of this year as publication takes a while.**

You don't want to know how many rejections I've gotten while accumulating these!
Oh, and if anyone is a member of the SFPA, my poem is in the new issue of Star*Line!

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