Dark Treats

Tomorrow is Halloween, my favorite holiday!  I'm not saying I don't like Christmas and all that too, but anyway.  Today I am posting two very dark poems for you to enjoy if you so wish.  Just warning you, they're kind of twisted so... yeah.

Happy Halloween!
Give or Take
Stitched smile in stomach flesh
Stands, black on pale, each
Threaded line same length
Space between them, even

Gasping screams a soundtrack
Penny smell cleaves to
Salty sweat
Making him hunger

He clenches the warming
Needle tighter
Grips and snips the thread
Points the scissors toward a
Captive mouth

Screams dissolve to begging
The divine
Lips praying to only him
Decision to end this
His and his alone
The only God that now matters
Perfect Hands
“Your hands fit mine perfectly.”
she said with a smile.
He just laid there staring at her
as if he just realized it, too.
She caressed his pale fingers
like butterfly wings,
lightly stroking each in turn
while meeting his gaze.
Her red shirt wet with his tears,
she held both of his hands to
her chest and sighed
She glanced down at her ex-boyfriend
and ran a cold palm along his arm.
“You said I could hold your hands forever.”
Her smile faded, night fleeing the sun.
He slipped into unconsciousness, grateful.
Leaving his mind to concoct any nightmare
worse than seeing her saunter out the door
with his severed hands.