Aging Characters

Every approach has been tried, it seems.  Some series have their characters age one year a book as in the Harry Potter series.  Other series hardly (if ever) have them age a la The Simpsons.  Then there are creative works where a character cannot age unless it is needed as a plot-point. 

I can’t really say which way is best but I do tend to like characters that mature more on-par with the rest of us when I am reading a series.  It doesn’t have to be a year per book but it helps to know time goes on for the characters I love, too.

There are a few exceptions to my feelings, though.  First, would have to be a series aimed at younger children.  If you made the characters all grow up, it would have to become a very different type of book if it was a long-running series.  A series with a formula that relies on things staying still is almost promised not to bend to the wishes of Father Time. 

Do you guys want your favorite characters to stay forever young?


  1. I'm with you. I want the MC to feel normal. To age normal. To mature normal.

  2. I like when characters age. It always seems weird when they never really grow or develop after a few books.