More Quick Updates

"When are you going to go back to posting about writing?" you ask.
"I'm too busy." I reply.

Yes, I am busy.  But I thought I would drop in and update you on me.  I went around to some of your blogs.  Gads!  You guys are sure maintaining a blogging life better than I am.

I reached my 40 rejections goal a couple of days ago.  I didn't feel as happy as I thought I would.  Then again, maybe it is because I didn't do my celebration.  Note to self:  Next time, have treat/reward ready for the exact day!

I also have a rewrite of two poems pending for a magazine I REALLY want to get into.  Now, I am nervous I didn't do what was asked or the editor will think it sucks or something.  I am hoping to know something soon!

I will be at my mother's the week of the fourth with Brandon.  We are there to better celebrate my brothers' days.

I miss you guys!


  1. You are a busy woman! I have been slow in blogging lately too. Things are just busy. I hope you have fun at your mom's over the 4th! And good luck with the poems and stuff for the magazine! That's exciting! And it's never too late to celebrate your 40 rejections! I say, GO DO IT!

  2. Hey Jennifer!! Sorry about the rejections but you know I've lost count of mine. At least we have each other, right? lol

    Anyway, chin up and just keep doing what you love. Have a safe and happy fourth!! :D

  3. Thanks, ladies! All went fairly well but I am back to a field of paperwork. **Sighs

    Oh well!