Revision Land!

Come on folks, step right up, only a few hours of your agonizing time (each day) and you can enter Revision Land!  It is sure to keep you busy.  Whether you're fixing grammar, spelling or plot holes, you will leave dizzy and exhausted.

There are many misplaced or unnecessary characters you can run around killing!  Oh yes, killing.  We won't tell the police, we swear.  The only trick to it is, you have to find them!  Don't kill off the wrong ones, now.  We frown on that!

Oh, the settings!  Beautiful beaches, sprawling grounds, beautiful beac-- wait a second, NOTHING  happens there and we show you twice!  You won't want to see the beach, leave it out.  No, really, do.  Or, you can try swimming, but you may have to be attacked by a shark to make it interesting.  Just saying.  Don't let US tell you how to run around in Revision Land!

There are plenty of thrills here!  Well, there could be.  We ran out of inspiration after the first twisty, spine-tingling rollercoaster we put in. 

And the characters here!  There is a guy with a mustache, green eyes the color of painted olives, skin like melted chocolate chips mixed with whipped cream, lips as full as gravy boats, hair like bouncing cherub curls just the right shade of copper when the afternoon sunlight kisses it so gently from the left, you want to take a picture because it looks like a halo, we swear...
Oh, were we going on for too long?  Forgive us.  It happens here, sometimes!

Come visit soon!  And, after you find that agent you want, please visit our other vacation destination, Rewrite City!  The only place you can get lost in when people tell you where to go.

Don't forget to write!

*Sorry if this is choppy, I had to cut a lot out!*


  1. Haha. This is great. :) I do feel like its a circus :)

    1. Me too. One wrong step brings you into it more and more. If you take too many wrong ones, you'll be in there forever! Scary.

  2. Replies
    1. I can relate. I have a whole bunch of poetry I have been putting off revising and, unfortunately, today is the day I make the decisions about which ones I CAN save. Many of my poems aren't worth salvaging.

  3. Great irony. Seems like sometimes I get lost in revision land.

    1. Thanks! I do, too. The bad thing is, I never know when to go home.

  4. I use to hate revision land, but it gets much more pleasant once you've spent some time there and learned your way around.