Questions, Feedback, Changes

Greetings all,

I am, at present, making a few changes to this blog to make all of our lives slightly more interesting.

First, I now have an "archive" page so my old poems don't have to be taken down.  My "Poetry Corner" page is going to have ONLY the most current poems on it so you don't have to search.

I now have a gadget that assists you in linking any post of mine to Facebook or Twitter.  I added it, not because I think I am the most eloquent blogger, but because it seems like the modern thing to do.  I have yet to be bitten by the Twitter Bug but am on Facebook in some form.

I will probably (maybe) have more changes but not to the look of the blog itself.  What can I say?  I like it.

Am I missing any must-have gadget for my blog?  Do the changes (so far) make things better?
For those of you that submit your poetry/fiction:

What are your favorite literary magazines to submit to?  We're not talking about reading, just submitting.  Why are they your favorites?  I know badmouthing a magazine/editor is a bad idea but we can sure spread around the good ones, right?
I may start another page on this blog for any "out of the way" recommended publications we come up with.  I mean, everyone wants to be in The New Yorker but what about the lesser known?

What do you think of people that use things like Twitter and Blogger as their publishing platform?  Is it more important that an editor/publisher pay for a pretty site or is it more important to get paid for your writing?  Have you ever submitted to zines that use Twitter, Blogger, etc?

What are the magazines you've been trying to get published in but can't?
Any answers/feedback is greatly appreciated!  You can always Email me if you have long-winded advice.



  1. Change is always good. You probably should do a g+ too. It's the 'in' thing right now. I do not submit. I am heading for self-publishing.
    I belong to so many sites, including Twitter and Blogger. I use them for Networking.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation on Google Plus. I added it!