Interview (Try This)

Interview the most boring person you can find (though, don't admit he/she is boring) and try to get him/her to open up on the interesting parts of his/her life.  Everyone has something fascinating, bring it out!

What are your perceptions of him/her now?  How would your bland-appearing character benefit from this "diving expedition" approach? 

*You can also do an interview with someone you think you know well and try to find out things you didn't know and/or expect.*


  1. I'd have to find a way to antagonize him/her.

  2. Hmmm. I think calling them boring might insult them. But aren't we all boring? Very few people are blood-pumping exciting unless sex is involved and they're really nice looking.

    1. You're not supposed to TELL them you find them boring.
      But you're right, everyone is pretty vanilla when you get down to it. I know I am.